KOHLER® mobile generators give you heavy-duty power for demanding applications. They’re powered by John Deere engines featuring integrated emissions control for low fuel consumption and passive regeneration for uninterrupted operation. Every model is emission-certified for non-road use and comes equipped with a rugged, DOT-certified trailer and durable enclosure.

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    Removable Housing

    The patented enclosure is easy to remove – just unscrew 16 bolts from the base and lift off; there’s no external wiring to work around. There’s also a convenient single-point lifting eye to safely lift the entire unit or lift the enclosure off the base. Stainless steel latches and hinges are standard.

  • Rugged, Dot-Certified Trailer

    The tough commercial trailer with a full box tube construction and an electric braking system. The trailer includes a lockable toolbox with a fire extinguisher, jack and lug wrench. Switchable towing options let you choose between ball and lunette eye.

  • 110% Environmental Containment

    The 244-gallon double-wall tank provides a minimum 24 hours of runtime at full load and 110% containment for fuel, oil and coolant. Two-way fuel valve easily switches from onboard to external tank for more runtime. External ports on the skid provide convenient fuel inlet and return connection points for external tank fittings.

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    Connection Panel

    Features include recessed emergency stop button, shore power receptacle, options for 15- and 50-amp convenience receptacles, mobile paralleling box connection and color-coded camlock-style load connectors. The lockable connection panel allows authorized access to the KOHLER® Decision-Maker® 3500 digital controller, mainline breaker and convenience receptacle breakers. A secondary panel protects users from load lugs.

  • Decision-Maker® 3500 Controller

    Our digital paralleling controller with “Quick Use” instructions and user-friendly displays features advanced network communications for load management and remote monitoring. On units with optional voltage selector switch, the controller auto-senses the switch setting and automatically adjusts parameters. Potted circuit boards and sealed connectors protect against vibration and environmental conditions.

  • Optional Accessories

    Fuel Valve

    Cold-Weather Package

    Battery Charger

    Voltage Selector Switch

    15-Relay Dry Contact Kit

    Draggable Field Skid

    Mobile Paralleling Box

    Optional accessories include a voltage selector switch, camlocks and convenience receptacles. Block heater and battery charger are ideal when your generator is stored or used in a standby application. Shore power connector provides power to the battery charger, battery heater and block heater. Three-position lockable voltage selector switch easily switches between 120/208 3-phase, 120/240 1-phase and 277/480 3-phase.

    The two-position fuel valve allows the user to draw from an external tank for more runtime than the onboard tank provides. External ports on the generator skid provide convenient fuel inlet and return connection points for external tank fittings.

    The package, which includes a block heater, battery heater pad and battery wrap, improves starting performance in cold weather conditions. It’s recommended for locations with ambient temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The charger helps keep batteries at operating voltage if the unit will be stored or is being used in a standby application.

    The lockable selector switch allows easy switching between 120/208 3Ph, 120/240 1Ph and 277/480 3Ph. A padlock with pull-tab helps avoid generator damage by preventing changes to the voltage while the unit is running. Other configurations are available

    This kit allows the user to monitor multiple generator conditions individually, identify faults remotely, have visibility to a number of different running conditions, signal faults or operating conditions or relay failures for a single common contact.

    A drag bar incorporated under the skid/tank allows the user to drag the unit around the site.

    Allows you to parallel KOHLER® mobile generators to meet your job requirements. Each box can parallel two generators with the KOHLER Decision-Maker® 3500 controller. The system supports up to four boxes and eight generators. Mobile units do not need to have the same engine, fuel type or kVA rating

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