A couple enjoys preparing dinner together during a storm thanks to their KOHLER generator.

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Online Retailer

Want to buy your KOHLER® generator online? You’ve got options. But don’t forget about your installation — that's separate.

Step 1:
Buy Your Generator Online

Click on any of the listed online retailers to begin shopping.
Then choose an authorized KOHLER dealer to install your new generator. Authorized installation is very important to make sure your generator runs properly — and to keep your warranty valid.

  • Amazon
  • AP Electric
  • Power Equipment Direct
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • NationwideGenerators.com
  • Norwall PowerSystems a Kohler Generator Authorized Online Dealer

Step 2:
Get Your Generator Professionally Installed

Installing a standby generator is not a DIY project. So the first thing you want to do is call an authorized KOHLER dealer. They’ll take care of local permits and coordinate a team of licensed electricians and pipefitters to ensure the job is done right.

Simple installations can start at $2,000, but installation costs vary significantly from home to home due to a variety of factors, including the ease/difficulty of installing your fuel source (propane or natural gas), meeting local codes and the generator’s placement on your lot. We recommend a professional site survey for a more accurate quote.