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Pallet of 10, 4" Concrete Pads, 14/20RESA(L)

Concrete Pad | GM90969-KP2-QS

Starting at $3,670.00 MSRP*
*Starting price in US dollars. Does not include generator, installation, automatic transfer switch or costs to export outside the US.


Recommended for storm-prone areas, the impact-resistant 4-inch concrete pad allows for easy installation of your 14/20RESA or 14/20RESAL generator set. Flat bottom helps your installer easily mount and level the generator and prevents it from sinking into the ground.

  • Saves time prepping installation site


  • Fiber-reinforced concrete pad with rebar.
  • Wind rating: 175 mph.
  • Pad is sized and contoured for 14RESA(L) and 20RESA(L) models
  • Inserts at generator mounting hole positions for easy installation of generator to concrete pad.
  • Contains 25% recycled materials.

Weight 2850 lbs. (1293 kg)
Dimensions 1372 mm x 787 mm x 1372 mm (54 in. x 31 in. x 54 in.)