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13 kW

Diesel Generators / 13EOZD


Engine features:
  • Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conform to Tier 4 emissions regulations
  • Closed cooling sytem
  • Heat exchanger
  • One-side serviceability of fuel system, lubrication system, seawater pump, and air cleaner
  • Oil drain valve and hose

Generator features:
  • Remote start 12-pin connector
  • Voltage regulation of ±1.5%
  • Rotor and stator are coated with a high-bond epoxy varnish. Varnish helps prevent corrosion in high-humidity areas.
  • Copper windings ensure minimal heat buildup. Insulation meets NEMA standards for class H insulation.
  • Direct connected to the engine, the generator has sealed precision ball bearings with a precision-machined steel sleeve in the end bracket to prevent shaft misalignment and extend bearing life.

Hertz: 60 Hz
Generator with sound shield
Width: 635 mm (25 in.)
Height: 690 mm (27.18 in.)
Length, 12-volt: 936 mm (36.85 in.)
Length, 24-volt: 949 mm (37.35 in.)
Weight, wet: 339 kg (750 lbs)
Generator without sound shield
Width: 572 mm (22.53 in.)
Height: 659 mm (25.96 in.)
Length, 12-volt: 936 mm (36.85 in.)
Length, 24-volt: 949 mm (37.35 in.)
Weight, dry: 297 kg (654 lbs)
Weight, wet: 303 kg (669 lbs)


  • Sound shield
  • Siphon break
  • Line circuit breakers
  • Remote connection/extension harness