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Payback Calculator

Sacrifice Nothing. The Payback Calculator will help you to Determine your return on Investment.

Simply adjust each value in the boxes below as they apply to your truck. As each value changes, the calculator will automatically compute your payback period for the idle reduction equipment as well as the related cost savings per year.

Select Idle Reduction Equipment and Measurement System

Idle Reduction Equipment
Gallons & Miles Liters & Kilometers

Calculate Costs for Idling that Can Be Avoided (Cost is $US)

How much fuel is used for idling with the truck engine? gallons / hour
How much fuel is used for Idling with idle reduction equipment? gallons / hour
How much time is spent idling? hours / week
What is the price of diesel fuel? gallon
Fuel Cost Savings year
Truck Preventive Maintenance & Overhaul Costs year Expand
Total Cost Savings year

Calculate Return on Investement

What is the yearly maintenance cost for anti idle equipment? year
Enter your quoted price for the idle reduction equipment?
Savings Per Year year
Payback Time years