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See inside the KOHLER® Luxury Restrooms and how it can add a whole new level of style and comfort to your next event.

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Tournament Owners Association (TOA) Annual Meeting – November 14 – 16 in Naples, FL

PGA Tour and Champions Tour Tournament Meetings – December 3 – 7 in Palm Springs, CA

An earthmoving solution from Kohler Rental transforms the Chicago landscape

How do you reroute a 14-foot diameter sewer line under downtown Chicago's famous double-decker Wacker Drive? Very carefully and with a lot of power. As part two of the City of Chicago's Revive Wacker Drive project, FH Paschen /Cabo Joint Venture was awarded the task of rerouting, reconfiguring and reconstructing the Wacker Drive interchange at Congress Parkway on the city's west side. Kohler Rental met with FH Paschen/Cabo -engineer to engineer- to learn and fully understand the scope of the project. Kohler Rental was able to offer a complete solution by sourcing specialty items outside of Kohler's standard fleet. Learn more

A chilling solution helps maintain expected production levels

Steel. It's the backbone of buildings, massive ships, cars, trains, as well as major appliances, tools, cutlery and many other products. Achieving the legendary strength that makes steel such a versatile building block across a multitude of industries entails a rigorous process for a steel mill. Pioneered by Linde Gas, part of The Linde Group, founder Dr. Carl von Linde in the early 20th century, air separation via cryogenic distillation plays an integral role in the steel making process. Conducting a swift, yet thorough assessment of Linde's chilling capacity needs, Kohler Rental technicians sized and delivered a 100-ton chiller and provided the technical support necessary to get the unit operational in short order. Learn more

Ice Rink In The Middle of NYC? No Problem For Kohler Rental

Ice Rink In The Middle of NYC? No Problem For Kohler Rental

One of New York City's most famous green spaces in summer, Bryant Park transforms into a winter wonderland come winter, featuring an ice skating rink visited by more than 3 million visitors each holiday season. It's called "The Pond at Bryant Park" and many logistical challenges come with maintaining an ice rink in the middle of Manhattan. CLICK HERE to learn how Kohler Rental conceived a plan and deployed the equipment needed to create this winter destination in the heart of the Big Apple.

2010 PGA Golf

PGA Looks To Kohler Rental For World Golf Championships

At PGA Tour World Golf Championship events including Accenture Match Play Championship, WGC-Cadillac Championship and Bridgestone Invitational, Kohler Rental plays a vital role in creating a gracious PGA experience for players, spectators and vendors alike. CLICK HERE to learn more about Kohler Rental�s uninterruptable power and air conditioning services, as well as an experienced team of golf event engineers and technicians who have been supporting PGA Tour events for 12 years.