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Luxury Restroom Tour

See inside the KOHLER® Luxury Restrooms and how it can add a whole new level of style and comfort to your next event.

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Emergency Preparedness Program

Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Power to Keep Your Business Uninterrupted

Plan for your temporary power needs with Kohler® Rental before severe weather or other disasters strike. You'll not only benefit from peace of mind by minimizing your risk, you'll also receive pricing discounts on Kohler Rental generators, cable and ancillary equipment.

Different Needs. Different Plans.

Because no two businesses are alike, Kohler Rental offers two plans to accommodate most needs.

Standby Plan
With its lower monthly rate, the standby plan allows customers to pay only for the hours of support they actually use. During the actual emergency, supplied power is charged on an hourly basis. For smaller facilities with short-term power needs, this plan is the most cost-effective.

Fixed Plan
If a sustained outage causes significant financial impact on your business, this is the plan for you. Ideal for larger industrial businesses, this plan provides up to 160 hours of run-time per month, depending on the length of the contract. And should your power needs exceed the allotted

If your business has very specific or niche requirements, contact the professionals at Kohler Rental to develop a customized plan for you.