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Special Olympics 2009 World Winter Games included large events in remote Idaho mountains and valleys, far from power sources and heated buildings.


Special Olympics 2009 World Winter Games included large events in remote Idaho mountains and valleys, far from power sources and heated buildings. Four locations—some more than 100 miles apart—need electricity for everything from heat and lights, to computers, food service stations, scoreboards, cash registers and ski-waxing irons.


The Special Olympic World Winter Games were held primarily at Sun Valley, a wilderness destination in Boise that spreads across nearly one million acres. As they organize miles of cable to bring the generator power to these various locations, Kohler Rental is in the trenches – literally – digging in the ice and snow to keep cables safely out of the way from guests and athletes. The race is on before the games even begin, with all setup preparations needing to be completed just 23 days from the date that the contract was awarded.



In more than 180 countries, Special Olympics provides individuals with intellectual disabilities unique opportunities for accomplishment and acceptance through sports competition. The 2009 Winter World Games, sponsored by the Idaho National Guard and held in Boise, Idaho, marked the first participation by representatives from Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Comoro Islands and Djibouti. Also making a special appearance was Vice President Joe Biden.



With just over three weeks to game time, Idaho National Guard hires Diamond Rentals, who tasks Kohler Rental with handling all of the event’s power needs. Kohler Rental’s Technical Services and Design team goes to work quickly, with extensive behind-the-scenes planning, to secure the necessary equipment and coordinate the transportation to several of the remote sites throughout Boise. The Kohler drivers safely and swiftly maneuver 48-foot semi-trucks loaded with generators through the mountainous roads.


Windy conditions early in the process cause some temporary problems. “On a windy night, the trucks were literally blown off the road,” says Rick Rutherford of Diamond Rentals. An additional complication arises in preserving the pristine snow conditions of Idaho’s Sun Valley, which necessitates carefully moving the equipment to the site by hand and snowmobile. “It wasn’t easy,” says Rutherford. “But everything was up and ready when it needed to be.”



While Special Olympics athletes ski, skate and sled their way to medals at the 2009 World Winter Games in Boise, Kohler Rental keeps power and heat flowing to the necessary locations and equipment, and remains onsite to troubleshoot whenever necessary.


“I’ve worked on quite a lot of projects, and I had the best experience with this one,” says Tammie Hauger, Contracting Officer with Idaho National Guard. “Everything went wonderfully. There was no problem at all with the connections, the generators or anything else. It’s always nice to have a team committed to providing the best experience possible for our customers and their guests, and that was the case here.”


  • Heat and power for 100,000 square feet of tents in winter conditions
  • 15 generators (ranging in size from 6.5kW to 200kW)
  • 450 separate pieces of cable
  • 6 technicians