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An earthmoving solution from Kohler Rental transforms the Chicago landscape.


How do you reroute a 14-foot diameter sewer line under downtown Chicago’s famous double-decker Wacker Drive? Very carefully and with a lot of power. As part two of the City of Chicago’s Revive Wacker Drive project, FH Paschen/Cabo Joint Venture was awarded the task of rerouting, reconfiguring and reconstructing the Wacker Drive interchange at Congress Parkway on the city’s west side. A new 3.5-acre surface pedestrian park will top off buried half-cloverleaf off ramps and a re-routed 14-foot diameter interceptor sewer pipeline. To handle this multi-dimensional construction product, special equipment with particular power requirements was needed including a 30-foot tunnel boring machine.


The joint venture between F.H. Paschen Construction and Cabo Construction brought together two award-winning construction companies with extensive expertise in construction, rebuilding, renovation and repair work in a broad range of avenues.


Kohler Rental met with FH Paschen/Cabo -engineer to engineer- to learn and fully understand the scope of the project. Kohler Rental was able to offer a complete solution by sourcing specialty items outside of Kohler’s standard fleet. The additional equipment, a 480 to 4160 volt transformer and a ground fault disconnect monitoring system were combined with three generators and a I-Line distribution panel to power the tunnel boring machine and the lighting and ventilation in the tunnel. The comprehensive power package backed by Kohler Rental’s uncompromising customer service allowed FH Paschen/Cabo to focus on crushing through 5,000 cubic yards of dirt, rock, concrete, brick and wood.
 “The level of detail that Kohler Rental offered with our project was unparalleled,” said Duncan Kopp-Richardson, Superintendent for FH Paschen. “Not only did they work with us to understand our power requirements, they sourced specialty equipment outside their usual rental offering to ensure we had the comprehensive solution we needed. They were in constant communication with us about the equipment before, during and after the tunnel project. Kohler worked with our construction schedule to ensure preventative maintenance and inspections were done during off hours.”


By sourcing specialty equipment, Kohler Rental was able to offer the power and safety needed to maneuver a 150 ton tunnel boring machine under one of Chicago’s most famous streets. “FH Paschen/Cabo was a true partner in this project,” said John Chowaniak, Senior Account Manager, Kohler Rental. “By listening and understanding the project needs, Kohler Rental combined our normal rental offering with sourced specialty equipment to supply power safely and consistently for the three-month venture.”
“Great support, flexibility and attention to the details of the project are why Kohler Rental will continue to be our power partner,” said Kopp-Richardson.


  • One 1500kW Kohler Generator
  • Two 20kW Kohler Generators
  • 480 volt to 4160 volt Transformer
  • Ground Fault Disconnect Monitoring System
  • 800 Amp I-Line Distribution Panel