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Luxury Restroom Tour

See inside the KOHLER® Luxury Restrooms and how it can add a whole new level of style and comfort to your next event.

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Technical Design & Engineering

Technical Design & Engineering Technical Design & Engineering Technical Design & Engineering

The KOHLER Solution

Turnkey service - it's a phrase that can mean different things to different people. To Kohler Rental, 'turnkey' means complete planning, implementation and professional support. Kohler Rental believes a supplier should concentrate on making life more convenient for you. That's why clients look to the Kohler Rental Technical Design & Engineering team to relieve the planning burden so they can focus on the bigger picture.

Delivering Power Solutions

From industrial applications and contingency planning, to event services, Kohler Rental's Technical Design & Engineering Team will access your needs and specifications by asking the right questions. Depending on the scope of your project, the Technical Design & Engineering Team is able to provide:

  • Complex electrical design
  • Easy-to-read one line drawings
  • Utility load sharing configuration
  • Contingency planning expertise
  • Accurate bill of materials
  • Complete system design
  • Detailed event site maps
  • Site visits to access needs
  • GPS monitoring of equipment

Kohler Rental has seen every power, temperature control and hospitality challenge out there in virtually every environment. And has provided the right, cost-effective real-world answer for each one. When you call Kohler Rental, you're talking to more than a company - you're talking to a solutions provider.